Welcome to Wimerville Pics and Sandites.Com.  Updated November 13th - Posted Sandites vs Sapulpa football pics.  Recent Adds: 10/15 Football vs Claremore, 10/15 Football vs BA, 10/2 Football Homecoming, 9/24 Volleyball Senior Night.  Click on one of the below pictures to see ALL THE PICTURES for that event

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Date: 12/22/09

Subject: Website Content

I thoroughly enjoy the pictures that you post.  I have a senior dancer this year and have a son who graduated in '07.  You have provided pictures of not only several events of which they were a part but also some that they weren't that I would have missed out on if it weren't for you.

Your pictures allow the rest of us to experience our children's high school life up close and personal.  I hope you get your camera fixed and have a continued desire to commemorate life at Charles Page High School but if that doesn't happen, thank you what you have been able to provide.


Date: 11/21/09

Subject: website content

My son is a senior this year, as the football season has come to an end for the Sandites, I wanted to thank you for all your wonderful pictures. Your website has been a mainstay for parents to reflect on the great times we had watching our children play ball. Throughout the last three years, I have shown your website to people at work who always comment about what great action shots you have taken. As for my family, your website has been regularly accessed by people from Texas to Wisconsin to see the Sandites in action. Thank you for all your time.


Date: 11/11/09

Subject: website

Hi I am writing you to complain about the website this year my little brother is a senior and I've noticed that there are hardly any pictures of events that happen at the school other then football no pep assembly pictures or anything like that I hope you are going to post pictures of the senior circle every other year there are tons of pictures of different events on the website accept for this year that's why I am very disappointed in the website I hope to see something more then football on the website thanks for your time.

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